What I do: My goal as a collaborator is to give every piece I work on its own unique and dynamic soundtrack. The stage has its own set of challenges and strategies and there are as many ideas about what is good and bad as there are people. I aim to bridge the gap between what each artist wants to communicate and the technical side of how to translate that into sound and music as well as bringing a fresh and focused ear (and eye) to take each piece to the next level. 


        Helping find and adapt existing music/sound to fit your project:

          A lot of times there is already a great piece of music or sound that would fit a project but either the choreographer doesn’t have time to find it or has already found it but needs to adapt it to their particular needs. This can include anything from changing the tempo, lengthening/shortening, creating transitions, mixing it into surround sound, adding additional sounds etc. I have the tools and know-how to adapt almost any sound to your specifications. 


  New Compositions:

        The best way to tailor a performance is of course with new compositions. I create using Ableton Live and have used many styles and influences in my work to adapt to the special needs of each project.

       Sometimes having your sound person in the room is also needed and I am flexible and mobile enough to come to your city or company.  

      Sound Design and Manipulation:

              Using sound as a narrative and theatrical tool is one of my primary focuses. Sometimes a simple drone, pulse or vocal part is all that is needed to reinforce a section. There is an infinite world of options for telling a story, abstract or narrative, with sound. I use multiple libraries and techniques in my work to create professional sounding design work.