Davidson Jaconello is a dancer and a composer specializing in dance and theater productions.  

Music by a performer, for performers.

Davidson Jaconello is a dancer and sound designer for dance and theater. Since 2007 he has been a professional ballet and contemporary dancer in countries around the world as well as composing and designing sound and music for dance and theater productions.

His focus is on collaboration with his fellow creators as well as the pursuit of simplicity. He has created sound for companies around the world including Netherlands Dance Theater 2, Korzo Theater, Alberta Ballet, National Theater Mannheim, West Australian Ballet, Delattre Dance Company and Prague Chamber Ballet. Some of his collaborators: Jiří Pokorný, Ihsan Rustem, Stephen Delattre, Ivan Alboresi, Yukichi Hattori, Jan Friedrich and Robert Glumbeck.

Davidson is a self-taught sound designer and composer. In 2018 he did a mentorship with world-renowned dance and film composer Dirk Haubrich (Jiří Kylián). He continues to focus on new creation methods to enhance visual experiences with sound.

The collaboration with Davidson on A Tale of Impermanence for NDT2 played an enormous role in shaping the overall outcome of the creation. Having the ability to take a single concept, and then challenge ideas to create a combined vision was a valuable and an enriching experience. The score felt current and original. Bold and emotionally charged. Having a dancer create music also offers an added dimension of understanding – we speak the same ‘language’… and he’s simply great to be around! I look forward to working together again. 
Ihsan Rustem

Davidson’s compositions always relate to the theme and connect with the viewer/listener throughout many layers with high sense for detail and great complexity. They make a world that stands on its own yet unify with the visual in one whole. His work is organic and effortless.
Jiri Pokorny