My Corner (Of the Web)

The Internet is a big place. I wanted to create a place on my site where I could put my little discoveries. My own little corner of the web for things that helped me or touched me somehow. Maybe at some point, someone will come along and find something that helps or touches them also.    

Make Good Art – A Video

To start off my collection of things I find inspiring and helpful in life and work I want to share this video by Author Neil Gaiman. I have probably watched this video 20 times since I first heard of it from author Tim Ferriss’s blog and I have quoted it probably hundreds of times. Definitely a must watch for any freelancer and especially those in the arts. A must watch!

How To Be Creative: How an Artist Turns Pro – A Video

This video was the first time I heard of the term “resistance” which is used by Steven Pressfield in his book “The War on Art”. Resistance is defined by Pressfield as:

“the force that will stop an individual’s creative activity through any means necessary, whether it be rationalizing, inspiring fear and anxiety, emphasizing other distractions that require attention, raising the voice of an inner critic, and much more. It will use any tool to stop creation flowing from an individual, no matter what field the creation is in.”

This video is a good synopsis of this concept. If you are an artist I would also recommend reading at least the first part of the book “The War of Art”. It took all those feelings I was having during the creative process in all its stages and gave me some better understanding of what that could be. And why. Let’s not kid ourselves, those feelings still come and go (at least in me) but the book and the video below helped me frame it better.

The Naked Warrior and Greasing the Groove – an Exercise methodology

Listening to this podcast was probably one of the single most life changing things of my adult life.

Why Artists Are Never Happy – A Video

“The people who feel the sting of their own inadequacies and then keep working at it, they are the ones who find the magic”

The Golden Age of the Internet is Over….

I must say as time goes on I worry more and more about what most of us have started to acknowledge as a worsening problem. Internet and social media addiction and how it is affecting our life, relationships, and minds. This video came along and made me reflect on this issue and start to think of changing my habits, which is a good thing so I thought it was worth sharing.