Antonin Rioche

Hello Antonin. I took some time to create a place for some music examples for you. I have worked with different people with very different musical requirements for their dance pieces. So my music and sound designs have a weird variety of styles.

I think this makes it confusing for anyone new to see if they might want to work with me in the future.

So I try to create a specific demo for anyone new who could be interested in working together. A demo that is more personal and more based on your past work.

I went through your website and researched your work more thoroughly. I want to start by saying I really appreciate and agree with some of the statements you have made.

Especially: “Antonin finds that in today’s world, people suffer from a great imbalance and dance is uniquely suited to establishing a connection between body and mind. His work is a constant search for balance; balance between technical virtuosity and the individual, between being heard and belonging, between parody and reality.”

Well said.

Based on your past work and the work of your past collaborator Niels Plotard it seems to me you lean towards the simple, but with an interesting mix of real-world elements and then the surreal and otherworldy mixed in.

Here is some of my work that may be more interesting to you:

[waveplayer ids=”1050″]

These are some that came to mind for you. But I of course have no idea what vision you have for your future work. If you want to have a talk and get to know each other a little better we can have a short call and I would love to hear about your ideas.

If you want to find more music or explore further you can find some music on Spotify and my almost entire catalogue of music I have ever made is on Bandcamp. Some of my older more experimental stuff is on Soundcloud.

Hope you are having a wonderful start to the summer and are able to find some comfort in these uncertain times.