Shelter – Collaboration Test 1


This is the structure of the piece so far with some basic ideas about sounds, the emotion, the energy, etc.

Some of the basic sounds I decided to work with for SHELTER:

  • A live cellist. We only did one recording session and we need to do more to get more material.
  • Strings and orchestra.
  • Voice. Text from Stephen in the form of questions and statements. And text “Shelter Me” from Phillipe.
  • Voice singing – rhythms.
  • Piano. There is a theme of simple chords that comes twice in the piece. I call it the “UAC chords”. Also other simple piano “wanderings” for part 4.
  • Clair De Lune by Debussy – I’m very inspired by this music right now. One simple theme from “Claire” comes back twice in different ways in the piece.
  • Weather – wind. Drones.
  • In the middle I am using some weird sound design/ manipulation.

This is the mood and energy drawing for Shelter. I want the piece to have two GENERAL aesthetics. From the P4.2 when the “Shelter Me” text comes in, this is the start of a shift from aesthetic 1 to aesthetic 2. To something “weirder” and more abstract. Then a return to the original aesthetic 1 for P7 and onwards.


Here are the audio files of my BASIC ideas I have so far. There are many undeveloped ideas and moments. I wanted to achieve some clarity first on what aesthetic I wanted to try. I am at the end of that discovery now and now I know WHAT I want to achieve I need to figure out HOW I will achieve it.

Please check the comments in the audio player for more information about certain sections.

I imagine the end of scene 4 and scene 5 the “lightest” or perhaps even funny parts of the evening. Scene 6 I want to stay in this same abstract aesthetic but to be darker and more intense to show more the concept of DOMINATION that you mentioned in our phone calls about this section.

The end of scene 5 and scene 6 are the most experimental for me. I am still trying to create the aesthetics and combinations that I find interesting here so these are ROUGH ROUGH. I am interested in the possibilities of this rhythmic combination of piano, synths, and weird sound design. The way they kind of weave together in these crazy different rhythms. This is CHAOS right now so it is ONLY TO BE USED TO UNDERSTAND THE AESTHETIC AND DIRECTION not to be judged as music as it is. This takes TIME for me to design sounds and weave them together and experiment. But this is the direction I am interested in going.

This is my research and ideas so far.